We use HTML5 and CSS3

All Websites are made with the absolute state of the art technologies

and they are all 100% handcoded.

The code we create is W3C Valid HTML 5, table-less, accessible, SEO friendly and semantic.

All projects are crossbrowser compatible (Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 7+, Opera 11, Safari 5).


For heavy lifting, we use PHP with MySQL Databases.

A whole PHP project or independent functions,

when it comes to PHP, we do come up with the highest possible knowledge.


For Desktop App like user functions we use the Javascript framework jQuery

There are many things you can do with it, like this sliedeshow you watching right now,

is mad with it. But there is much more! Ajax is one of them.

Your users will thank you for that!


Logo, print and buisness card Design, PSD2HTML, or a simple Layout Concept?

Our creativity is limitless, thanks to our Photoshop skills!

We make it all happen.

Smartphone and Tablet

All Websites can be made cross plattform compatible,

like IOS for Iphone and Ipad, Android and Windows Phone 8

Content Managment Systems

If you need to update your project continuously, without any knowledge,

about Web Applications, a Content Managment System (CMS) will come handy.

Joomla!, Magento, Drupal or Wordpress, there is a high end CMS for everyone.

Personal Blog, Online Shop or Restaurant with delivery service,

everything no problem, we set it up for you, so you can focus on your business!

An internet presence is at the present time indispensable. But most people can't or simply don't want think about it, because they have to focus on their actual business, what is absolutly reasonable. Thats where "Project Dolphin" can help you. We will bring you online!

4 Reasons why you should choose Project Dolphin


Based in Changchun, we can provide you with personal support and consulting for anything related to your online presence. We will also continue to support you after we finish our assignment. Just contact us if you want to know more. We speak Chinese, English and German.


An international team of young and highly skilled web developer will help you to bring your business to the next stage. From web, logo and print (re)design, to document and website translations.

No Risk Guarantee

Compare to other web agencies, we don't ask for money in advance! We will discuss with you and give you a cost estimate. In case we finish your project but it doesn't match your requirements or you simply not satisfied with our work, you don't need to pay a single cent!

Worry free

As a business man, you have to focus already on so many things related to your business. Let us help you! With us, you don't only get a website, you get a partnership! We will maintain and update everything related to your online business.